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Laboratory Design

Need help in designing a laboratory? Let ILS Technical Services help. With over 30 years experience, the ILS Technical Services team can provide full laboratory designs and CAD drawings for mine site and remote assay laboratories.

Choose from an existing ILS design, or, let the Technical Services team design a laboratory for your own specific needs. ILS laboratory designs incorporate all aspects of laboratory functions and utilities, including waste management & disposal, dust & fume control, electrical placements, instruments, compressed air systems, lighting and plumbing.

Installation & Commissioning

The ILS Technical Services team can install and commission any of the laboratories it designs and builds, as well as any associated products and equipment. With a skilled team of technical resources, managed by a dedicated project supervisor, you will be assured of a smooth commissioning to get your laboratory working sooner.

Staff Training

ILS is committed to the safety of its customers and people. With a team of experienced chemists, ILS can train your staff in the operation of any new laboratory facility, and related equipment, with a focus on safety and efficiency.

This service is particularly important for both newly established and remote operations.

Protocol Development

ILS Technical Services can also assist in the development of protocols and procedures to help get your laboratory running smoothly. With a team of experienced chemists, ILS can provide generic preparation and assay methods which can be modified to suit individual mineralogy requirements.

In addition to site assay methodology, ILS can develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for laboratory functions and equipment, including maintenance procedures for all relevant laboratory equipment – improving the laboratory efficiency by lowering equipment downtime and operating costs.

QA/QC Procedures & Implementation

Quality assurance and quality control are paramount in any laboratory. Reproducibility and the transparency of data from a laboratory to its clients is a main requirement of any site laboratory. ILS Technical Services can provide a QA/QC template to cover all site assay methods that encompasses internal and external laboratory data control and the subsequent routine reporting of the QA/QC system.

Laboratory Support

ILS understands that some sites may have limited available resources available due to a number of reasons, including resource reductions and staff leave. ILS also provides an outsourcing service where its qualified and experienced mining chemists are available to provide onsite services on a short-term or locum basis.

Laboratory Reviews & Audits

ILS Technical Services offers a fully independent laboratory review or audit service. This can be undertaken by ILS’ experienced chemists for either an entire laboratory operation or a single preparation or assay stage.  The process is systems based and is completed with the provision of a formal written report with data and recommendations provided.

Laboratory Budgeting & Cost Analysis

Many mining companies focus on the improvement of efficiencies throughout the exploration and mining process. Laboratories are no exception. ILS provides a planning service to assist in formulating budgets and operational cost analyses. These offer a valuable tool for geology and metallurgy departments, enabling the streamlining of production in accordance to financial and resource parameters.