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About Independent Laboratory Supplies

Independent Laboratory Supplies (ILS) is a fully independent supplier of end-to-end laboratory solutions for the mining industry. Being independent means that ILS can service all customers without any restrictions, anywhere in the world.

Located in Australia’s mining capital, and with partnerships around the globe, ILS is perfectly positioned to source and supply all your mining laboratory needs and to share the right advice.

With a dedication to service, teamwork, accountability, results and safety, many mining companies the world over have made ILS their partner in laboratory solutions.

Laboratory Solutions

With a fully comprehensive range of services, ILS can take care of all your mining assay laboratory needs – from mining consumables, laboratory supplies and mineral processing equipment, through to the design, building and commissioning of mobile laboratory units.

The World Over

Through its global logistics network, ILS is able to provide its products and services to anywhere in the world, even in the most harshest and remote places. ILS can even deploy its team of skilled technicians to install and commission complete laboratory installations. Quite simply, wherever the need, ILS can assure you of a timely and on budget supply and installation.