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Fire Assay Products


  • ILS offers a choice of crucibles, in either single or multi-use varieties, to suit your assay requirements.
  • All of our crucibles can be used with a multi-pour system.
  • Sizes available include 30, 40, 50, 55 and 65g.
  • All of our crucibles can be supplied either crated or boxed.


Cupellation Furnaces

  • ILS can supply cupellation furnaces manufactured by the world leaders in furnace technology.
  • Configurations of 50 place and 100 place furnaces can be supplied and configured for LPG, natural gas, diesel or electric fuel sources.



  • Magnesite cupels that can be supplied packaged for use with either 25 plc or 50 plc cupel forks.
  • Standard cupel sizes of 6A, 7A, 7AS, 8A, 8S are available to handle lead buttons from less than 30g up to 75g.



  • ILS offers two standard types of flux - 104 for oxide and 109 for refractory ores.
  • Both are pre-mixed with silver nitrate and will produce consistent prill sizes.
  • We also provide custom fluxes to your specifications, with or without silver nitrate.

Furnace Hoods & Fume Extraction

  • ILS supplies both standard and custom made furnace hoods for fusion and cupellation furnaces and cupel cooling racks to suit your existing or new fume extraction system.

  • We also offer a full engineering service for fire assay extraction and ducting requirements.


Furnace Tiles

  • Used on the floors of fusion and cupellation furnaces, our furnace tiles are available in five popular sizes and in three thicknesses.


Fusion Furnaces

  • ILS can supply fire assay fusion furnaces manufactured by the world leaders in fusion furnace technology.
  • Configurations of 25 pot and 50 pot furnaces can be supplied and configured for LPG, natural gas, diesel or electric fuel sources.


Gold & Silver Wire

  • ILS offers gold and silver wire that is a minimum 99.9% proof suitable for use in bullion assays and fire assay additions.



  • ILS also offers a high-grade mabor used for cleaning furnace spillages.


Multi-Load & Multi-Pour Systems

  • ILS can supply complete multi-load and multi-pour systems that undertake weighing through to cupellation. The systems can be ordered as a turnkey solution, or as individual units, including:
    • Weigh bench
    • Bench grid
    • Flux bin
    • Pot loader
    • Pouring trolley
    • Pot tray
    • Pot rack
    • Hot pot trolley
    • Pouring moulds
    • Pot tong
    • Mould cover
    • Knock-up bench
    • Cupel fork
    • Furnace brush
    • Furnace rake
    • Furnace shovel
    • Standard configurations are for 25 place or 50 place systems.
    • We can also customise each system to suit your furnace capacity.


Preheat/Ashing/Muffle/Bullion Furnaces

  • ILS carries a range of electric furnaces with varying internal chamber dimensions ranging from 165W x 245L x 90H to 350W x 400L x 450H.
  • Applications for these furnaces are varied and are commonly used for cupel pre-heat, ashing, bullion muffle and concentrate drying/oxidation.
  • Our most common product is a furnace with internal chamber dimensions of 350W x 400L x 450H that comes equipped with a three tier rack and stainless steel trays.


  • We offer a variety of scoops for handling fluxes and reagents, available in both plastic and metal.