Development of Preparation & Analytical Protocols

Before your project has gone into feasibility drilling, ILS Technical Services can assist geologists in developing preparation and analytical protocols and methodology. This is critical in maintaining consistency of result quality if more than one laboratory will be used during the course of the drilling.

We can perform test preparation methods at your designated laboratory to find the optimum protocol for DDC, RC, RAB, soil samples to the best possible quality in given set conditions of equipment availability.

With proper monitoring of the preparation and analytical methods through quality control procedures, method changes can be effected if necessary, through the project drilling life which will then flow into the production realm and assist in the critical laboratory design, engineering and procurement phase of minesite development.

Most preparation and analytical protocols are formed from generic methods and developed in-situ on the minesite for site specific conditions. Ultimately, this may lead to equipment, minor equipment and consumable changes during this period, but wouldn’t it be nice to have this considered before minesite start-up and save on laboratory consumables and equipment configurations.

Let us do this development work for you to optimise your analytical requirements.