Welcome to Independent Laboratory Supplies

Welcome to Independent Laboratory Supplies

We are an experienced global supplier of end-to-end mine site laboratory solutions. We can take care of all your mine site laboratory needs, from laboratory design and installation, through to the supply of laboratory capital equipment and day to day consumables - no matter where in the world you are located.

Our key difference is that we’re independent and privately owned which means we can supply to any customer, anywhere in the world

Latest News

March 2015

ILS has had its first display booth at this year's PDAC conference in Toronto.

This is the first year for ILS to have had a booth at the PDAC and were lucky enough to be situated
in the new trade area in the North Building. Our revised logo and new marketing material was on full
display and the 4 guys on the floor were kept busy with a consistent stream of enquiries.
The general mood was very buoyant, despite the industry somewhat subdued at the moment.

ILS look forward to display at this event again in 2016.





ILS recently modified its brand. Using the previous brand as a basis, a more modern and descriptive was developed. ILS Director Martin Saunders said, “we’ve also developed a values system called STARS, which tells our customers exactly what we’re about – Service, Teamwork, Accountability, Results and Safety.”

MAY 2014


ILS continues on its path towards ISO 9001 Certification. ILS Director Andrew Bairstow stated that “…certification of ISO 9001 is an important step towards Global recognition for ILS. We will continue to go down this path and update customers with our progress.”

MARCH 2014


ILS completed the installation and commissioning of a full sample preparation facility in Guinea, West Africa. The facility was specifically designed for iron ore exploration sampling at a volume of 300 samples per day. The ILS chemist and electrician attended and oversaw the installation and commissioning of the facility. Being completed on time and on budget resulted in a very satisfied client.



ILS completed the installation of a containerized sample preparation facility in a remote facility in Indonesia. The exploration based facility consists of a twin 40 foot container style arrangement catering for bulk milling and the production of 300 samples per day.

The containerized laboratory was built in the ILS warehouse in Western Australia, before being shipped to site. Logistics in this instance were a challenge, given the remoteness of the site and the lack of quality infrastructure, but ILS was able to complete its task as engaged.